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Lukang Rimao Hang
No.65, Quanzhou 2nd St., Lukang Township, Changhua County
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Lin Zhensong, the owner of Rimao Hang, came from Yongning, Quanzhou to Taiwan as a merchant in 1765 and settled in Lukang. He ran a bow store and founded Rimao Hang in Lukang, which was officially established as a port in 1784, conducting business across the strait with Hanjiang, Quanzhou.

In 1777, he established Jing Yi Yuan, a philanthropic organization involved in collecting character paper, setting up free anonymous graves, collecting human remains, and repairing bridges. The public welfare organization was the largest of its kind at the time. Rimao Hang also assisted in local projects such as relocating Lukang Longshan Temple (1786) and constructing Tianhou Temple (1787) (present-day Xinzu Temple).

In 1788, Lin returned to Quanzhou to attend his mother's funeral and decided to retire there. The management of Rimao Hang was passed on to Lin Wenjun, his third son. Lin Wenjun's alternative names were Mingpin, Yuanpin, and Yuanyan; style name Jinbo.

Wenjun was dedicated to public welfare and renovated Lukang Tianhou Temple, Yanshui Wu Temple, and the Changhua County wall. In 1816, Lin Tingzhang and Lin Shixian, his fifth son and grand-nephew, passed the civil service examination, and Rimao Hang was renovated, with Wenjun writing the inscribed board above the door.

From the 18th to the mid-19th century, Rimao Hang was a leader of commerce in Lukang. However, as the river channel silted up, shipping transportation was blocked, business declined, and the family stopped participating in public projects. Today, the Rimao Hang building still offers a glimpse of its former glory.