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Penghu Erkan Chen Residence
No. 6, Erkan Vil., Magong City, Penghu County
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Penghu Erkan Chen Residence is a large residence located in Erkan Village, Xiyu Township, Penghu County, and was built in 1911 during the Japanese colonial period by two brothers, Chen Ling and Chen Bang, who constructed it in their hometown after returning from Tainan, where they had made a sum of money selling medicine. After developing for a long period of time, Erkan Settlement was made up of members of the Chen family. As the Chen family grew in power and influence the settlement went from a few simple houses to an organized group of buildings. During the 1850's, Erxing Temple and the ancestral temple were completed and the settlement more or less assumed its final form. By this time, the Chen family had grown in number and many had moved in search of environments better for making a livelihood. From 1862 - 1908, many members went to Taiwan together to sell medicine; Chen Ling and Chen Bang were among these.

In 1887, Chen Ling and Chen Bang came to Taiwan and started working in a brewery before getting a job at Jin Xieyuan's Chinese Medicine Shop and learning pharmacology. Following this, they opened Yuanyi Medicine Shop in front of Yuedi Temple on Linghou Street in Tainan. Chen Ling was responsible for interior operations, running the business, while Chen Bang managed exterior operations, traveling around and selling medicine. After the business was a success, the brothers returned to their hometown with a sum of money and built the residence. Several years later, Yuanyi Medicine Shop had become a prosperous business famous throughout Tainan. By the early Japanese colonial period, the Chen family owned several properties.

In 1911, the two brothers returned to their hometown and spent NT$8,000 - 9,000 to build the Chen Family Residence. Occupying over 330 square meters and including 3 halls, the new building was the largest in Erkan. It was constructed by Chen Mating, a local architect from Chidong, and featured a three-hall three-room layout, combining Taiwanese and local Penghu architectural features as well as reflecting the influence of Western architecture during the Japanese colonial period. The overall compound is deep and narrow, and features a flush gable roof and Sidianjin courtyard-style layout. Along the main line lie three areas - an entrance hall, main hall, and back hall, with open courtyards between the halls. The juanpeng room of the back hall has a zisunxiang serving as a secondary axis for outside access. The compound features mostly solid bearing walls with binding rafters on top to distribute the weight of the roof. A more complete wood structure is found only in front of the back hall, in the double-row juanpeng frame and gable frame of the right and left wing.