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Water Source Water Meter Room
Next to Wangtian Village Minquan Road
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Chiayi Waterway "Water Source Water Meter Room" is located on Minquan Road in East District Chiayi City. It was constructed from July 1911 - March 1914, and was part of the city's waterway facilities, housing water measuring equipment. During the colonial period, it was known as the Water Meter Room.

In 1945, after World War II, the city waterway was taken over by the county water management office. In 1954, the county's water plants (with the exception of Puzi Plant) were combined into Chiayi Water Plant. Chiayi Waterway Water Source was also renamed Chiayi City First Water Source, and the Water Meter Room adopted its current name.

The Water Meter Room was built in 1910, responsible for measuring the plant's daily water flow. It is now outdated and closed down over 20 years ago. It features a highly elegant shape, being a Baroque structure, with thick pillars and simple gables. This is one of the city's rare buildings. It is located across from the Agricultural Research Institute on Minquan Road, and features an elegant shape and Baroque structure, with thick pillars and simple gables. This is one of the city's rare buildings.

The building was constructed by the Water Meter Office during the colonial period and has 85 years of history. It measures the plant's daily water flow but is now outdated and has not been used for over 20 years.

The architectural shapes is highly elegant and remains well-preserved today. The land belongs to the forestry industry, and since it lacked roads, the building was covered and shaded by plants and trees. Eventually, the section of Minquan Road from Zhongshan Park to Lan Tan Junior High School was expanded, revealing the Water Meter Room, which had been hidden for decades. It is now being recognized for its unique architecture and shape.