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Nantou City Zhongshan Park Jufang Hall
No. 2, Minsheng St., Longquan Vil., Nantou City, Nantou County
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Jufang Hall, a European-style building located in Zhongshan Park, Nantou, dates back to the Japanese colonial period. At the time, Zhongshan Park was known as Nantou Park. In 1912, the Japanese government purchased or gave land to residents to establish the park, which at the time featured a pond, sports field, Jufang Hall, Zhonghun Tablet, Nantou Club, and the Nantou Shrine, which was not relocated until 1940. The land system underwent a major reform in 1920, changing subprefects to prefects, which were above districts and villages. Concurrently, the Nantou District Hall and Nantou Village Center were established in the area. At the time, the Japanese government set up prefect and district exhibitions in order to promote Taiwanese local and handicraft products. Jufang Hall was built in the area in 1922 as the "Nantou District Produce Exhibition."

The two groups with the most influence in the early produce exhibitions were the Nantou Commerce and Industry Association and Nantou Fruit Industry Group, which were often led by the same person. Japanese held primary and Taiwanese secondary positions, and Jufang Hall became the guild hall.

The most highly regarded product at the exhibitions was Nantou Pottery, a local product. In 1943, during the late part of World War 2, the Allies bombed Taiwan and Ryuku people came from the city to live in Nantou. In 1945, after World War 2, the hall stationed troops as well as being rented out as a hotel, for a time making it the center of much activity.

Taiwan's administrative divisions were adjusted in 1950 and Nantou was designated a county. The following year, the county health center began operating here. It was relocated in 1960 and the Nantou County Library, located in the park, was taken down and moved here. The Nantou County Culture Center was established in 1982 and took over the library's functions, while the books were moved from Jufang Hall to the culture center. In 1983, it was renovated by the city and set up as Longquan Nursery. It was damaged by the 921 Earthquake in 1999 and the Executive Yuan appropriated $3 million NT of public facility restoration funds to repair it. This was received on August 27, 2001, restoring the old building to its former glory.