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Fengyuan Museum of Lacquer Art, Taichung City
No. 1-1, Shuiyuan Rd., Fengyuan Dist., Taichung City
Opening hours: 09:00-17:00
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The reason for founding the Fengyuan Museum of Lacquer Art stems from Fengyuan’s lacquerware culture dating back to the Japanese era. Ever fond of lacquerware, the Japanese planted lacquer trees extensively in Taiwan, and the Daxueshan and Baxianshan forest reserves within the city of Taichung provided ample raw materials for lacquerware manufacture. The number of lacquerware artists grew as the Japanese attentively fostered the lacquerware industry in central Taiwan, helped by geographic conditions and popular support. The lacquerware factories were mostly clustered around Fengyuan, spurring the blossoming Taichung lacquerware industry. Back then, the Fengyuan area was once the production region par excellence of lacquerware, producing large quantities for export worldwide.

The Fengyuan Museum of Lacquer Art was opened on May 26, 2002, under the joint efforts of the Taichung City Government, Taichung City Cultural Affairs Bureau, and Fengyuan District Office, with the aim of taking a fresh look at the splendor of traditional lacquer art, and giving this art the chance for revitalization, development and innovation. Currently the first and second floors provide space for exhibitions, classes, recreation and the formation of a community cultural living space.